Nigerian Friends of Turkey

Unity for Affluence!!

The Nigerian Friends of Turkey (NIGFOT) is a non-governmental body of Nigerians with past and present academic/non-academic link with the Republic of Turkey. Nigeria is a black-African country on the west coast of Africa. With a population of over 130 million, it is home to the largest number of black people housed by any single nation worldwide. The mainstay of the Nigerian economy is crude oil.

In the late nineteen seventies and early nineteen eighties at the height of the economic boom in oil-rich nations, Nigeria was not only caught in the grip of a sudden surge in the level of affluence, a popular hysteria for qualitative and mass education unfolded in its national psyche. The ensuing drive for mass awareness and literacy witnessed the birth of mass migration in any single period ever seen in the history of the country. Many Nigerians with secondary and advanced level education took to the seas and the air in search of quality education all over the world.

The first batch of Nigerian students arrived Turkey in the late nineteen seventies. In the early nineteen eighties alone round 200 Nigerians entered Turkey and lived in different parts of the country registered in universities to enjoy free higher education in government institutions. From the University of Ankara through Hacitepe University to the Middle East Technical University all in Ankara, Nigerian students were registered at the Bosphorous University, Istanbul Technical University, Marmara University all in Istanbul. Nigerians studied in Atatürk University all the way in Erzurum defying the viciousness of unaccustomed and frosty weather conditions. Neither the strict religious character of social life nor the subsequent hardship in coping with student life in the aftermath of economic breakdown at home stopped Nigerians from studying even in cities like Konya. The Selçuk University of Konya – home to the renown Turkish Mevlana – was host to Nigerian students, not to forget Ege university of Izmir.

Today, those days are history. The ambitious youngsters of the eighties are now laborious family men and women spread all over the world in different professions. Only a handful is left behind in Turkey running businesses or working as lecturers or instructors in different categories or as medical doctors

If the nineteen eighties in Nigeria stood for the years of economic success and the outward flow of Nigerian migrants in search of knowledge, it soon changed in the nineties to represent the exact opposite. Today, the economic downturn in Nigeria has resulted in the outflow of Nigerians in search of economic welfare and Turkey has not been spared its own share of this characteristic burden from economically distressed developing countries.

Our objectives

The aim of NIGFOT is to create a virtual forum of interaction for such Nigerians as duly regard themselves as friends of Turkey. It shall serve to replace the absence of a physical forum of mutual interaction and serve to help individuals keep track of each other and nurture legacies for the present and the unforeseeable future. The "Forum" linked with the homepage shall facilitate intellectual contributions by any Nigerian who so desires. Participation shall be subject to no commitment whatsoever save the undertaking to maintin the ethical rules of human dignity and mutual tolerance.

The "Forum" shall be managed by a Webmaster in the form of an Administrator who shall merely monitor compliance with ethical standards. Abusive expressions will be discouraged by removing any such contribution and duly informing the author thereof. All rights to future sophistication in the organization and structuring of the forum shall remain reserved.

Friday Agbonlahor! [Forum Administrator/Webmaster]